Top 3 “Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl” – Best Seller 2017!

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Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl

Having at least an adjustable elevated dog bowl will economically save the cost. Instead of buying a small bowl for the small pet, you better buy this kind of elevated dog bowl. Especially, when you had a growing large dog at the house.

The elevated feeder will provide comfortable and correct dining position for the dog while they are eating. Furthermore, when the puppies grow up, you can easily elevate their bowl from 4 inches to 18 inches for the large breed dog itself. So you don’t need to buy the bigger one as they grow up.

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Another benefit of having adjustable elevated dog bowl is your dog will get their meal position correctly. A proper eating position can prevent bloat for the dog itself. Also, it can ease the back strain for the larger breed canines.

Here are the reviews of the best 3 elevated dog bowls in 2017 :

1. NEATER – Feeder dog bowl

Neater Pet brand is the first dog elevated feeding bowl which comes as an innovation in introducing the bowl that containing splashes and spill reservoirs. It designed for 30-100 pounds dog weight.

  • It has an excellent standard; two large stainless bowls and each different size. Suitable to differ a bowl for the water and the food.
  • Its leg is adjustable and the feeder is compactable with slow feed bowl.
  • Its design incredibly balances and robust at the ground. They also protect water splash and food spill accident.
  • Suitable for the small and larger size dog. What a complete feature, right? You can’t even find the contra review of this adjustable elevated dog bowl.

2. PETFUSION – Elevated Pet Feeder in Premium Anodized Aluminum

A long-lasting elevated dog bowl is coming. This outstanding product offers you for the long-lasting dog bowl. The material of this bowl is the anodized aluminum which promises you will be less corrosive and stays longer.

  • It was completed with anti-slip feet and bowl inserts. It helps you in keeping them tidy and secure.
  • The company facilitates you with 12 months warranty if you get any damage during shipping from the manufacturer. You can get the money back or even for replacement.
  • 8 inches for the tall version is perfect for both dog and cat.

3. IRIS – Airtight Elevated Dog Storage Feeder

A storage feeder with two stainless steel bowl is one of the most innovated dog bowls ever. You don’t need to think where will or did you put the food anymore.

  • Instead of coming as an adjustable elevated dog bowl, this bowl is also coming as the storage platform which can store the pet food up to 64 cups. This storage compartment makes it solid on the ground.
  • The storage compartment sealing is air-tight. They keep your pet’s food dry and fresh inside.
  • It has 2 stainless steel bowls which allow you to set the food and the water at the same time.
  • Unfortunately, their transparent storage may tempt your dog to chew them up in case of getting some food more.
  • IRIS is just too perfect for making a dream adjustable elevated dog bowl for every pet-parents in the world.

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