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No Mess Water Bowl For Dogs and Small Treatments That Help Your Pet Drink Slowly

Sloppy drinker leaves you an annoying job every day which you should wipe out all the spill to protect the floor from danger around the feeding area and other rooms. In fact, your furry friend sometimes dips in the mouth and then run around the room leaving the mess and mud. It is very stressful, right? And you must now be looking for the solution how to train your pet to eat slowly and tidily! Unless your dog gets trained from the very beginning you adopt it, this is a trickier job! Thus, the no mess water bowl for dogs are not only the need, it is your job to find the best one.

1. Slopper Stopper
Slopper Stopper Dripless Water BowlWe have reviewed this bowl many times and now still stay on our list this far. Most sloppy drinkers are the larger breed!With the ability to hold more water than a regular bowl with 8.8 x 8.8 x 2.3 inches dimension. The Slopper Stopper can reduce your furry friend’s habit reducing the spills up to 85% (as you do it right). It is equipped with an anti-skid feature so it will not flip over easily. There is no more choking and wet floor when you using the bowl.Even, the dog’s ears and beards are still dry after drinking. The additional interesting feature is the adjustable water level knockouts.

Not all dogs are fond of this kind of water bowl. If you think your friend doesn’t like it and stop drinking, maybe it doesn’t suit.

2. Heyrex Torus Dog Water Bowl
Heyrex Torus Ultimate Pet Water Bowl
Beside he Slopper Stopper, the Heyrex Torus is another popular no mess water bowl for dogs. It is supported with filtered water that can keep the water fresh and cool in the bowl. It is a perfect pet dish that you should have this summer. The bowl can hold up to 2 liters or 67 ounces. The technology is excellent as it reduces the water flow so it results less splash.

You don’t need to worry about the aggressive pups as this has gravity feature that will stay at its place. You don’t need a battery to make the gravity fed work.The bowl is already solid and stable.

Most owners indeed responded positively to this brand which is immovable and distribute the weight very well. However, some people also concern about the plastic use that without regular cleaning will result mold build up.

Apart from having the no mess water bowl for dogs, some additional stuff is needed. You should place the water-resistant mat (the large one) to protect the floor. Choose the anti-skid item so you will no longer see your pet sliding on it due to the slippery floor.

Besides, don’t let your pet to play after mealtime. It is to prevent your pet to suffer from the serious problem from bloating to death. You know most larger breeds often love playing outside, especially when the summer has come. Let them be patient for a while and always provide water outside of the house.

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