Spill Proof Dog Food Bowl

3 Most Recommended Spill Proof Dog Food Bowl

Sloppy drinkers often spill the water on the floor making your room look messy. Your dogs must be aggressive as well which will run over the floor splashing the water from the chin and the long ears. Meanwhile, it is difficult to keep and train your pet to drink without leaving the spills. You need the stuff to help you fix this, like the spill proof dog bowl. Here is the best list we find!

Best Spill Proof Dog Food Bowl

1. 64oz Buddy Bowl Black64oz Buddy Bowl Black

Do you have a large breed? Well, the Buddy Bowl should fix your problem with the 64 oz dog bowl. Even though it is not made of the stainless steel material, this bowl is guaranteed to be non-toxic and fits with your pet.It has a 10-inch diameter and 5-inch height. Also, this has a 4-inch of the reservoir that fits with your large dog.


The bowl is a bit pricey for the nontoxic polyethylene. Customers also complained about the bowl that can’t be put in the dishwasher.

2. Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl

Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl

For the 45-75 pound dogs, this is a perfect item that features anti spill lip. The bowl has a snap lid that can keep the beards and ears dry. This also fits for the fast drinker that can slow down the drinking speed preventing choking and bloating.

The sloppy Stopper has 8.8×8.8×3.3 inches of a dimension and can be purchased starting from $25 in Amazon.


Apart from the best features offered, this Slopper Stopper is pricey compared to other items. It also doesn’t hold enough water, especially for larger dogs, you must need more room.

Pet Supply Imports Anti-Spill Waterhole Small Animal Dog Dishes and Bowl

Pet Supply Imports Anti-Spill Waterhole Small Animal Dog Dishes and Bowl

The bowl fits with the puppy, kitten, and dog. It has an anti-splash feature which is great for your home, travel, and boats as well. It is not a stainless steel bowl but it is big enough to hold 48 oz water.


It is prone to keep more hair inside the bowl.

Apart from those three best spillproof dog bowl above, there should be away you can choose, for example placing a mat under the bowl. Some people opt for tray under the dog bowl to avoid the spills. Or, you can try the elevated dog bowls which will force them to use the tongue instead of gulping it all at once.

The bowl that is designed for fast drinker is much better. Your dog will get trained to drink well. You can also make some prevention like never let your dog play too much after drinking. This will make it so easy get thirsty and drink more water. If this way is impossible for you, separate the water bowl outside and let the pup drink outside instead of in your house. However, you should clean the dish regularly since it gets contaminated with dirt, debris and UV exposure that possibly can grow mold. The last option you can do is buying the pet bottle, but it needs time for your dog to get accustomed to.

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