Heated Dog Bowls ~ Tips to Consider Before Making a Purchase

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Heated dog bowls

Heated dog bowls are absolutely your essential need if you live in harsh winter. Even though animals are naturally supported with the ability to survive during the cold better than us, it is not wrong if we want to provide more comfort.

How does a Heated Dog Bowl work?

The heated dog bowl will keep the water unfrozen during the winter. It works using electricity which the coils will transfer the electricity to heat the water from the bottom.

Besides, it comes with a thermostat and electric cord as well. This will let you know how much heat transferred to keep the bowl warm. Besides, most heated dog bowls are designed conventional which means you need to plug in it to the electricity.

What Are the Standard of Choosing the Heated Pet Dish?

There are a number of products completed with the accessories, but most of them are confusing to find the best one. Here are several tips to consider:


Some people love the small size of heated dog bowls which easy to take care. However, this leaves a problem to a larger breed that can make them awfully thirsty. As you leave the dog at home, this might be a trouble as you leave it dehydrated. Thus, opt for the bigger size.

Elevated Dog Bowl

It is much better to buy the elevated dog bowl. Don’t worry there are several brands that provide elevated heated dog bowl which will easier your large friend to drink comfortably. The larger dog like Rottweiler and German shepherd needs this kind of pet dish.

Tip Proof

Looking for a dish that doesn’t tip easily is a wise choice. Look for the one that has bottom heavy or the low center gravity. This will prevent the pups tipping over the floor so you will see less mess.

Easy to Clean

Some heated dog bowls have problem with the bowl that cannot be put into the dishwasher. The problem is the bowl is installed with the cord. Meanwhile, you cannot let it get splashed with the water. Choose the one with the attachable bowl is a wise pick.

Take the Long Cord

It is difficult to find out a heated dog feeder with a longer cord. This should ease you to feed your pet with this feature. If you don’t find the one, get some extra cord to ease you bring the bowl everywhere without being disturbed by weather.

Another tip to consider before making a purchase is by reading the review. Look at the pros and cons in the marketplace to know the quality of its product. Besides, ask the dimension and the material. Most products are made of stainless steel, but you have to ensure the quality.

That’s all our tips about the heated dog bowls that you should know. Be sure to keep the bowl after the winter as placing the bowl outside can break its quality and will leave mold growth. Save the bowl in the dry area and don’t wash it using the dishwasher. Hope the tips above help you!

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