18. dog bowl to slow down fast eaters

Another Reasons Why Having Dog Bowl to Slow Down Fast Eaters Is Important!

Having a dog gives us other experiences. It is not the same on how to take care a dog or another pet. Furthermore, the dog owners literally know that there’s a kind of them like to eat faster and slower. These two conditions, when a dog eats faster or slower, are totally frustrating. The problem begins when you think your greedy dog means it is healthy, then you are not concern about it. You better think of having a dog bowl to slow down fast eaters start from now.

Let us tell you why eating so quickly can be quite dangerous for the dogs. Here are the things:

  1. Your dog will easily get to choke. We know that this thing is obviously threatening for their life. When they are choking, it often ends up in vomiting and discomfort feeling as well.
  2. It will cause GDV. A dog owner actually should know about this condition. Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) is a condition where the intestine expands and can twist within the abdomen. When it happens to the dog, they will be shocked and immediately can threaten their life. Having a dog bowl to slow down fast eaters is the most natural trick to slow them down without an extra training anymore.

In fact, when your dog eats too fast, they gulp so much air with their food and it can be trapped in their stomach. That’s why their intestine or their stomach get expanding. Then, the worst condition when it becomes twisting inside the abdomen.

  1. Another case, eating faster can lead the dog to the condition called food bloat. It happens when a huge amount of food settled down in the stomach. Although it will not cause a shock, the risk of GDV or Bloat will be increased.

You couldn’t train your dog to eat slower as you did to your sister when she eats greedily, of course. So you need to find another way to decelerate their eating process. Thus, the idea of having a dog bowl to slow down fast eaters probably is the effective one.

This kind of dog bowl is designed well to drag the dog so they have to put more effort for their food and not consume it all at once.

Another way you may try to slow them down when eating, such as; spread their food in several different bowls, put a big rock in the middle of their bowl, or put their bowl at the higher place like on the small table, so on. Even for feeding them with hand also naturally can make them eat slower yet still ineffective.

The principle of those certain ways above and the dog bowl to slow down fast eaters is how to limit the food that it gulps at once. This long-winded way will spin out the time then the dog surely will put some extra effort to get their food to their mouth directly.

That’s why you should have at least one dog bowl to slow down fast eaters to keep them safety and well-being as well.

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