Raised Dog Feeders With Ceramic Bowls

Is the Raised Dog Feeders With Ceramic Bowls Considered as the Best Option?

Raised dog feeders with ceramic bowls are great and helpful. We have discussed this case at the previous article. For short, the elevated dog bowls can encourage your dog to eat. It comforts their position and releases stress right on the front legs which they use to lean while eating. Apart from that, there is one thing that people always concern about; choosing the dog feeders with ceramic bowls or stainless steel bowls?

The ceramic and stainless steel are considered to be te safest material. It last longer, toxic free and mostly come in beautful design. However, there are always reasons to debate which devide consumens into two types. Which are you?

Stainless Steel or Raised Dog Feeders With Ceramic Bowls?

1. Both Ceramic and Stainless steel Are Not Plastic
Both ceramic and stainless steel are not made of plastic, which means you are guaranteed to use it daily. The food will not get exposed from damage chamical. Besides, dogs mostly chew the plastic bowl which can also ruin it. It is easier to scratched, hard to clean the crack, and the bacteria build up. Eventhough some plastic products are coated with anti-bacterial, not all of them have the same feature. The cheaper bowl can be so riskier. Some of them can be cleaned using the dishwasher and others can only the conventional cleaning method. Plastic also not stand up to the heat.

So, if you opt for the raised dog feeders with ceramic bowls or stainless steel material, those bad things above canbe avoided. It comes to be the less damage material. Even, the bowls are safe to be in the oven as well. At some points, like the dangerous chemical will not damage the dog and food.

2. Ceramic Bowls Weakness
Ceramic bowls are considered to be the safer option than plastic. However, it is not applied to all dogs. Most dogs love nudging and nosing the bowls. When you use raised dog feeders with ceramic bowls, be sure to opt for the safest stand that can hold the bowl well. It tends to drop on the floor and crack. Moreover, the cracks are not easy to clean. Besides, not all ceramics are dishwasher safe. That’s why you have to check the label first.

3. Stainless Steel Bowls Weakness
The stainless steel bowls don’t deliver this issue. They last longer, and easy to clean as well. However, most dogs hate tasting the metalon the teeth. The dogs will push off the stands to avoid it, but it won’t break. That’s why the stainless steel is considered to be the safer product. Just to be sure that this stainless steel bowl is dishwasher free as well. You just need to take off the non-slip rings at the base.The last advantage you might have is, this bowl seems like last forever. Eventhough the raised feeders with ceramic bowls are taste  better on food.

When you opt for the raised feeders with ceramic bowls, this is a nice option since it will not disturb your pups’ appetite. However, you should be careful and make sure to opt for the strong stand that hold the ceramic bowl better. Otherwise, the stainless steel is the safest product, eventhough you have to deal with your dog’s appetite due to the metal taste.

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