Circulating Dog Water Bowl ~ Automatic or the Traditional Water Bowl with Fountain?

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circulating dog water bowl

Making the dogs stay hydrated is important to keep it’s healthy. If your pet has a serious disease, the circulating dog water bowl is somewhat greater than it seems. It looks that your dog has fresher water and triggers them drink more.

However, is there any disadvantage to this type of dog bowl? Is it 100%?

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Just like other pets product, the circulating dog water bowl has strength and weakness. This article will help you decide the best for your pet.

Circulating Dog Water Bowl Pros

There are many types of circulating dog water bowl you can find outside. One of the most popular is the automatic water dispenser and water fountains.

No Need to Fill the Water Many Times

If you opt for the large water dispenser, this will help you to save your time and water. You don’t need to change the bowl water many times a day. That’s why you now can leave your worries of leaving the dog at home since you ensure that you are a good parent pets.

Feel More Convenient

Most dogs are not too fond of drinking the stagnant water. That’s the reason why they love drinking outside. With the circulating dog water bowl, it can encourage them to drink more and stay hydrated while you are outside of your house. Besides, this is more playful and fun as it looks like a toy.

What Are the Cons?

Of course, thare are cons to the water dispenser. The only disadvantages you can find is the cost. This type of bowl (with a fountain or included with dispenser) will be more expensive. Besides, the filters can be clogged which will raise more bacteria due to dog saliva. Besides, this kind of bowls can only be used indoors.

Additionally, your floor might look dirtier as the fountain splashes the water. Place it on the hard floors so you can easily clean it, or place absorbent mat that will keep the floor dry.Especially if you have a wooden floor, this will put so much trouble.

Comparing to the Traditional Bowls, Which One is the Best?

The traditional bowls of standing water remain much cheaper. The models are also varieties so you can opt for the cutest one rather than the automatic dispenser that is limited due to the machine. Of course, you do need to change the water and wash it often to prevent bacteria build up. Besides, as your dogs always running, playing and going outside, they deposit debris, hair, and food which will remain some troubles on the filter. That’s why the water is easy to lose the freshness. This would be difficult to monitor your dog.

That’s all our suggestions about the circulating dog water bowl. You want to choose the automatic dispenser or the regular bowl with high fountain is up to you. If you have more budget, buying the automatic will get bigger advantages. Your dog should love drinking more and no worries of some trouble anymore. The choice is up to you!

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