Petsmart Dog Nail Clipping, Fur Grooming, Ear Cleaning, and Other Services

Petsmart dog nail clipping

Petsmart dog nail clipping is one of the grooming services offered by Petsmart. However, some new dog owners might not realize that clipping their canine’s nails is essential. It’s because long claws may cause many troubles for you and for your own pet. To avoid such unfortunate things, it’s recommended to bring your four-legged companion to have a full grooming service in a reliable pet store, such as Petsmart.

Why should you choose Petsmart? One of the main reasons people would go to this pet store is because they offer a wide array of services at a very affordable price. One of these services is Petsmart dog nail clipping that you will get if you select a full grooming service at this pet store. In addition to nail trimming, they also offer ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, paw cleaning, and other services.

So, how much is dog nail clipping at Petsmart? Since this service is included in complete grooming services, you will need to prepare around $76.00 if you have a small, average, and large-sized puppy or dog. For an extra-large puppy or dog, it requires approximately $89.99 to get your furry friend fully groomed. Apart from providing pet grooming services, Petsmart also offers a pet boarding service for pet owners who need to go somewhere but can’t leave their pets home alone.

In addition to pet boarding, Petsmart also gives you vet services, so you don’t need to go to a clinic should there be any mild condition happen to your dog. They also provide dog training services for dog parents who want to train their pet but incapable of doing so. Not only will they train your dog, but they will also give you some essential tips to eliminate your dog’s bad behavior.

While all these services are suitable for your dog, some pet owners might think that the grooming cost of this pet store is a bit too much. Fortunately, this concern is unjustified since all of these services are available at very affordable prices compared to other pet stores. This becomes the reason why this store has a non-hassle-return policy and a bunch of gift cards for regular customers.

In conclusion, Petsmart is an ideal pet store to get your furry little friend groomed. Not only will your dog get soft and silky fur, but his nail will also be nicely trimmed. This Petsmart dog nail clipping can be obtained if you opt for full grooming service at Petsmart.

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