Lepto Shot for Dogs Characteristics, Indication, and Contradictions

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Lepto Shot for Dogs Characteristics, Indication, and Contradictions

Lepto shot for dogs is a vaccine that available to prevent leptospirosis disease on canine pets. This disease is spread by bacteria on water and soil, or through the excretion of infected animals. Just imagine this: your dog is doing a fun stroll or swimming on a watering hole on your yard or woods, but then turns out the hole may lead to horrible illness. That’s a scary thought but also very possible due to leptospirosis. Here are more details about the vaccine:

Characteristics: The fact that there are over 200 subtypes of Leptospira interorgans makes it complicated to do the prevention of this illness both in people and in animals. Moreover, the vaccines that available currently have limited protective value. However, still the available vaccines safe and effective when used as directed by your vet.

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Indications: Lepto shot for dogs is a non-core type vaccine – that means it is not mandatory, but rather optional for dogs based on exposure risk to this particular disease. Lepto vaccine will be recommended based on reasonable exposure risk and lifestyle of your pet.


Schedule: The decision to take the vaccination should always be discussed and consulted to the vet, so it can be tailored according to the individual needs of your needs. Here are the guidelines of recommended schedule of this vaccination by American Animal Hospital Association that you can use as standard:

  • For puppies, the first vaccine is given out at twelve weeks old. Then it is repeated about two or four weeks after.
  • For adults and older dogs that are over four months old, it is recommended to take two doses for couples to four weeks apart if they receive the leptospirosis vaccine for the first time.
  • For dogs that are constantly getting risk of exposure to organism that caused lepto diseases, it is recommended to get annual revaccination
  • For dogs that are under exceptionally high exposure risk, it is recommended to get vaccination once every six to nine months throughout the high exposure risk period.


Contraindications: As getting vaccine is a part of medical procedure, there is a possibility where administering it may not be recommended. Considering the lepto shot for dogs side effects, it is advised not to be given to sick and pregnant cat due to their lower immune system.

You may prevent your dog from getting exposure to leptospirosis by avoiding them to get in contact with area that may be contaminated. Talk to your vet first if you feel like it is necessary to get lepto shot for dogs.

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