How to Kill Moles in Yard Effectively

how to kill moles in yard 2

You might ask how to kill moles in yard effectively when seeing your garden is continuously harassed by this animal. To kill moles, there are several methods to try. However, from all those methods, some are not quite effective to get rid of moles once and for all.

There are several methods to kill these underground dwellers. You can kill them slowly and painfully by killing off their food source (earthworms and grubs). However, this method slowly takes effect and often could result in moles damaging your lawn even worst. Trapping is an effective way to catch moles and there is also a spear-shaped trap that could kill them. Still, if you placed them in the wrong position, it might be ineffective. Another method on how to kill moles in yard is by gassing their tunnels. To effectively kill them, you must gas the major nests and do it repeatedly though. The last method that guarantees the death of these pests is by poisoning them.

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Perhaps, the most effective way is by combining those methods. Using baiting and trapping together gave 100% chances to terminate moles from your area. There are plenty of mole poisons available that proven to kill this animal. Simultaneously applying those methods might answer your “how to kill moles in yard effectively” question.

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