Petrageous Dog Bowls Short Review

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12. Petrageous Dog Bowls

The Petrageous Dog Bowls is one of best products that take the spotlight due to its nice designs to each item. They come in modern touch with three main item from plastic, stoneware until stainless steel. All the designs are perfect, durable and easy to maintain.

Anyway, even though you have pointed this product on the list, there should be some reviews to know which will ease you to decide which one is the best to buy. Check them on this article.

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City Pets 8″ x 3.75″ Bones, 4 cups
The City Pets bowl is a nice hand-crafted stoneware. It is certified with FDA approved with 8-inch of diameter and 3.75-inch. The bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe.

At glance, the best thing we love from this dog bowl is the bones around the bowl body with brown stripe at the edge. It is no wonder if such a great bowl become the favorites.

However, the bowl is only matched with 7 1/2-inch hole. If you have the food stand with an 8-inch hole, this doesn’t fit. As the bowl is made of high-quality ceramic, this doesn’t slide easily.

Petrageous Designs Buddy’s Best Feeder Taupe
Around 255 customers in Amazon give good reviews to this item. It is also FDA certified with a high-quality stoneware that will guarantee your safety. Besides, the bowl is safe for a dishwasher and microwave treatment as well. This has a 3-inch depth and 6-inch diameter. However, if you have an 85 lb dog, this bowl is too small, you need to opt for the larger size.

PetRageous Designs Buddy’s Best Double Diner Elevated Pet Bowls
This is one of the well-designed elevated dog bowls. THe double dinner will let the pal eat next to your dog. It includes the wire strands which let your pups eat in a comfortable position.

These Petrageous Dog Bowls can hold 16 ounces that are also safe for dishwasher cleaning. It is microwave free and originally certified with FDA regulations. The material is durable and features chip-resistant.

PetRageous Barbados Dog Bowl – Stainless Steel
It is another PetRageous Dog Bowl with stainless-steel series. It is 2 1/2 deep and 6 1/2 diameter which can hold 3.3 ounces. As this is made of stainless steel, you now have no worries about the bacterial growth inside the bowl since it is very easy to maintain.

Wubby’s Duo Diner Blue, 1 cup each bowl
It is a handcrafted bowl with fully certificated with FDA Regulations. The design is simple with blue color. These two bowls can be your option to the little puppies that are being trained to eat well.

That’s all our recommendation about the dog bowls. You probably will love the idea above. Just be sure to look at the dogs, if they are a sloppy drinker and always drop some dirt on the floor, the elevated bowls will be much better. Opting for adding a mat is a good idea to protect the floor from the spills.

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