Why Does the Modern Dog Bowl Stand Matter?

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modern dog bowl stand

Choosing the dog bowls are not that easy. It is not only about the design, but also the material you should focus on. Just like us, we enjoy eating in a safe way. Looking cool, healthy and greedy. We really love to see them like that. It makes you, the pet owner, want to buy them accessories, for example, the modern dog bowl stand, and this is another crucial issue.

Why Are Elevated Feeders?

There are many reasons why you should opt for the elevated feeders for the dog. You will not only invest your money for effectivity but something else:

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1. Creating a Better Posture
Your dog might hate eating while sitting. It is not comfortable at all and your dog’s bowl will move as your dog reaches the food – except you place a mat to prevent the bowl moving. Well, that’s the first reason. Secondly, the elevated feeders can create a better posture, especially for older pets.

2. Better Digestion
Did you know that when your dog eating with elevated feeders, they have a better digestion? It is due to the food moves from the mouth to its stomach easier and quicker. Your dog will be so much healthy.

3. Less Stress
Some modern dog bowl stands are designed to be very well with the nicest height. It can reduce the stress on the wrist and shoulder area. Your dog will be less leaning. Besides, it should be very enjoyable for them!

How to Pick the Best Modern Dog Bowl Stand?

There are many modern dog bowl stand that catches your eyes, from the classical stands until the wooden stands. Most of the designs are pretty impressive. However, there are several things to consider:

  • Water resistant – your dog will eat and drink with the same stuff. Make sure that your modern dog bowl stand is waterproof so it prevents them to get injured when they accidentally touch the stain. Besides, the waterproof stands will last longer.
  • Easy to clean – Your dog should make a mess during their eating time. Pick the one that easier to clean will save your time as well.
  • Better avoid wood – as the time goes by, the wood will delaminate which the material could be harmful to your pet.
  • Cadmium, zinc, and barium free – it is clear those chemicals could be harmful.
  • Others reasons – plastic, uniform color, and texture should be avoided.

How to Choose the Correct Height

People often pick the wrong height -too low or too high. In fact, it is very easy to choose the correct height of a modern dog bowl stand. You just need to measure the height of your dog shoulders. Measure it from the floor to the pet’s shoulder as the dog standing. After that, subtract it with 6-inch. As an example, take your dog’s height 10-inch, and your correct modern bowl stand will be 4-inch.¬† Your dog should not lower the neck while eating the food.

Hope the tips we provided above help you!

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