Best Kibble for Puppies: 4 Options Recommended for Your Puppy’s Growth

Best Kibble for Puppies

If you are trying to find what the best kibble for puppies, you’re on the right page. Finding what’s best for your growing puppies can be hard—given that you are surrounded by many brands claiming that their products are the best. Well, you just need to be objective and see what the ingredients are telling you how good a kibble is.

Listed below is the best kibble for puppies we can find in the market.

Purina Puppy Food Pro Plan

If you are trying to find kibbles for dog which is agreed by many vets as the best one, Purina Pro Plan is one of the best answers. Why so—this kibble has a fat-to-protein ratio reaching 64%, which is higher than many other brands found in the market.

Besides the ratio is great, its price is also cheap. Its ingredients may not be top-notch, yet with the excellent ratio it will nail its quality as the best kibble for your growing puppy. Note that this kibble is best for small to medium-sized breed.


 Blue Buffalo for Puppy

Its name may be that aggressive with buffalo in it, and it seems like the brand name speaks much about the quality of this kibble. This kibble is great for all breeds including larger ones, and is designed to promote better growth for puppies.

Its main ingredients will include deboned chicken, brown rice, barley, chicken meal, and oatmeal (not written according to the percentage amount). What’s great about this product is that its fat-to-ratio is 59%. Since it has grains, it’s not surprising that this product has 44% of carbs as said in the label.


Ollie Fresh Food for Dogs

If money is not a problem for you, Ollie fresh food is what you can get for your puppies. This fresh food is made from 4 fresh recipes, including chicken carrots, chicken liver, rice, and peas.

This fresh food is OK if given to all puppies in all life stages, which is great if you plan to stick on one brand only. Its macronutrients ratio is also good with 36% protein, 42% carbs, and 14% fat.

The recipe of Ollie puppy kibble is designed by a certified vet nutritionist. Definitely is a plus point, knowing the dog food is also grain-free.


Wellness Complete Health puppy food

Slightly cheaper than Ollie fresh food, Wellness offers a ‘complete’ recipe for your puppy’s growth. It is grain-inclusive, knowing that it has oatmeal and barley in it, but its fat-to-protein ration is significantly exceptional: 62%.

Given with a great ratio of fat-to-protein, this kibble will fit everything you need to boost your puppy’s growth. This product is great for all breeds, including puppies of larger breeds. Thinking to purchase one? Make sure to learn about each brand first. Then, be ready to choose any of the best kibble for puppies.

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