Dog Tranquilizer Pill Options and What to Consider Before Administering It

Dog Tranquilizer Pill

Looking for a dog tranquilizer pill for your beloved canine fellow? If so, you should make sure that it is a prescribed one. Without any prescription, it will be a risky thing to give the drug to your dog, let alone having it for a long time.

It can be hard for you to have an appointment, maybe because of your hectic day at work. So, you opt to pick a dog tranquilizer pill without any visit before. Remind you, it’s a brave and highly risky.

Tranquilizers are prescribed when your dog is experiencing fear, apprehension, or anxiety. Drugs are said to be not the recommended treatment for this occurrence, leaving the training/behavior modification and various natural remedies become the safer option. Hence, only in serious cases tranquilizers are prescribed.

You may have known that your dog is anxious and fearful over something through many symptoms to watch. Some will include only one or two symptoms. But others may go farther by showing these symptoms:

  • Excessive barking
  • Tense muscles
  • Crouching to make themselves as small as possible.
  • Tucked tail
  • Ears pulled back
  • Attempts to flee
  • Trembling, and many else.

As said earlier, if your dog is facing such anxiety, you should go first with behavioral treatment and various natural relievers. Yet if your vet thinks tranquilizer is needed, you can go with these options below:


Benadryl contains diphenhydramine, which is not a tranquilizer to begin with. Instead, it is an antihistamine with sedating effect. This over-the-counter medication can be considered safe if the dose is right. All said, it’s better to have your vet checks in to guide you for the right dose.



Although in dogs it can cause excitement instead of sedating effect, benzodiazepines can help your dog to have the anxiety goes away. The conditions in which this drug can be used will include a vet visit, thunderstorms, grooming, fireworks, or travel. Despite it being safe, the drug requires special attention if your dog is having a certain medical condition.



This drug can be used for various purposes. To mention some, it will include controlling seizure, pain management, as well as relieving anxiety. Hence, it is used often during grooming, vet visits, or travel. The drug is considered safe for healthy dogs with lesser side effects.



This one is often given as a part of surgery anesthesia, but it can also be sent home which will be administered 20-60 minutes pre-events. However, this may not be that powerful to severely fearful pups. So, the medication is often combined with other drugs. Keep in mind this dog tranquilizer medication may not be a good option for dogs with heart conditions.

So, those are four drugs which you can give for your anxious dog. Keep in mind that before administering any dog tranquilizer pill you need to know the right dose.

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