Cesar Millan Puppy Biting, a Common Thing for Puppies that Needs to Stop

Cesar Millan Puppy Biting, a Common Thing for Puppies that Needs to Stop

As a dog lover, you should learn how to train puppies to stop biting from Cesar Millan puppy biting. Before discussing the method, you may wonder who is Cesar Millan? He is called the dog handler, dog conqueror, dog trainer, and even the dog psychologist. He is also known as an expert in reading dog behavior. He has many television shows, such as Cesar 911, Dog Nation, and one of them is entitled Dog Whisperer which airs on the National Geographic Channel. He said there are many principles that owners must apply to domestic dogs. He uses behavior modification techniques and the philosophy that exercise, discipline, and affection are needed, so the dogs are healthy, and get the balanced behavior.

Now, what about puppy biting phase? It is normal for puppies to bite objects because they really try to recognize the environment around them by biting, sniffing, and licking. On the other hand, this behavior is also a way to show their love. For example, puppies like a rubber doll, so they will bite it often. Some of them will also bite your fingers to show their affection. Or, when one day you have to go out of town and leave them at home with the rest of the family, they will go into your room and bite the stuff there as a sign of longing.

Regardless of the purpose in expressing affection, it is highly recommended that you do not allow your dog to bite someone’s fingers, hands, feet, or other limbs. According to Cesar Millan puppy biting, puppies under seven weeks old can still be trained to stop biting. The easiest way is when you are bitten, scream “Ouch!”.  It can even stop them from biting and remove the muzzle from your leg or hand. After they let go, you need to tell your dogs that what they did was unkind and hurtful. Repeating the same thing every time they bite will make them understand and break the habit.

If the above method does not work, teaching your puppies can be done by diverting their minds. The trick is when they approach your hand, immediately withdraw it before making contact with them. Then, distract them with a rubber toy or treat until they bite into it. That way, they will be more interested in biting toys or food than your hands or feet. Those two ways of Cesar Millan puppy biting are easy, but they take continuity.

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