Reasons of My Dog Has Dry Flaky Skin and is Losing Hair

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Reasons of My Dog Has Dry Flaky Skin and is Losing Hair

“Why my dog has dry flaky skin and is losing hair” is always a question for most dog owners. It is believed the coat of dog is the most important part of its physical feature. However, when they start having flaky skin and losing their hair, its physical appearance and well-being is going to start deteriorating. These are some of the most common causes of flaky skins and hair loss for dogs.

Lack of Essential Nutrients

Yes, the most common cause for the case of “my dog has dry flaky skin and is losing hair” is because of poor diet. Dogs need a lot of vitamins and nutrient-compact foods. If you give them random diet, or worse, human-like diet, of course their body won’t take it well and it will cause numerous of bad reactions, including the excessive shedding and flaky skin.


The Wrong Shampoos

Dog owners often take everything for granted, including washing the dog’s coat using human shampoo. Yes, even though those shampoos are great for human, it does not mean good for dogs. Most human shampoos are too acidic for dog’s skin and hence they will shed their coat. As the result, their skin becomes extremely flaky.


The Cold Weather

Dry flaky skin on dogs followed by the weight loss can also be caused by cold weather. Some dogs cannot stand being in cold weather, and their body will act dramatically, such as getting the skin flaky and then shedding excessively, too. This is why you need to know exactly the nature of dogs. If they cannot stand the cold weather, use room warmer, blanket or anything to keep them warm.


The Fleas and Skin Allergies

Sometimes, dry skin is caused by fleas as well as skin allergies. When your dogs have allergy, the skin will get affected by being flaky and itchy all the time. Fleas then start to invade the dry skin, causing more problems like the hair loss.

Indeed, hair loss and flaky skin can be caused by so many things. These are the reasons why you should always give the best care for your dogs, especially when their coat and furs are important for you. Get them the best groomer, and give them the nutrients needed. It will stop the question of why my dog has dry flaky skin and is losing hair from having to be asked again.

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