Is Spike Choke Collar Cruel for Your Dog?

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Is Spike Choke Collar Cruel for Your Dog

Spike choke collar is better not to use on your dog. Why, so? Basically, this collar is designed in such a way with the aim of being used as a punishment for the dog. Choke collars are usually used to improve the dog’s psyche to be more disciplined for the owner. When you feel your dogs are starting to move aggressively or do things that you don’t want, you can immediately pull the leash that’s attached to their neck. Then, the choke collar will immediately tighten around the dog’s neck and make them feel uncomfortable for a moment or even startle them.

Well, if this is done continuously, it will make the dogs aware of what they shouldn’t be doing and start avoiding it. Of course, punishment with a tool like this will leave pain both physically and mentally on the dog. When it comes to spike choke collars, there are many consequences for the dogs, especially paralysis and fainting. In addition, there are several other effects caused by the use of this collar, such as:

  • Bruises on the neck
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Fractures in the neck
  • Out of breath
  • Swelling of the neck
  • Eye and brain damage
  • Damage to neck tissue and skin, and many others

Is Spike Choke Collar Cruel for Your Dog 2

The numbers of consequences caused by spike choke collar dog are what make the collar an inhuman tool. It’s true that your dogs will be trained if you use a little pain, but is the result mentioned above a little pain? Maybe your dogs look fine because they are not struggling, but actually they are feeling a lot of pain. They just can’t express it. There are better ways if you want to correct your dog’s misbehavior without resorting to dangerous tools. You can stop pulling on your dog’s leash which can cause them to be frightened or in pain when walking or doing other activities. In addition, you can also look for trainers that use positive ways to train the dogs.

In fact, dogs are obedient animals because they are often trained. However, you also have to know how to train them properly and correctly without leaving them in mental or physical pain. Train them well and your dogs will of course avoid behavior which can make you sad because they have feelings too. Well, that’s the important information which will make you think again about using a spike choke collar.

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