Excessive Sneezing in Dogs Symptoms and When to Bring the Dog to Vet

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Excessive Sneezing in Dogs Symptoms and When to Bring the Dog to Vet

Excessive sneezing in dogs often happens for so many reasons. It can be allergy reaction or something strange up to the nose, and many things else. When the dog is sneezing uncontrollably, you need to bring the dog to the vet. It is mandatory, especially when the dog shows these symptoms. If these symptoms happen, contact the vet as soon as possible.

The Thick Nasal Discharge

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Usually, if the sneezing is just for something light like mild allergy, it won’t cause the nose to eject thick nasal discharge. The discharge is like very thick and jelly-like. The color is often like yellow or green-ish. If this happens while the excessive sneezing in dogs is still going on, take them to the vet as soon as possible.


The Bloody Nasal Discharge

Besides of thick nasal discharge, you should also be worried if the dogs eject bloody discharge from nose. Blood is never a good sign, and by this point, you should not try to get any dog sneezing treatment but to take the dogs to the vet. The vet should run a few tests to see where the blood comes from. It can be nasal infection, internal wound, or something more cynical like tumor.


The Nasal Swelling

Take your attention to the dog’s nose. If it is swelling, make sure you get them to vets as soon as possible. When you do not do this, you won’t know exactly what is going on with them and why the nose is inflamed. You need the vet’s tests to see if the inflammation is caused by something mild or just because the sneezing.


High Fever

As we know, high fever is never a good sign, both in human and dog. Therefore, if your dogs have high fever, make sure you know what to do. Yes, take them to the vet, so they can get the drugs to suppress the fever first.

For you who want to make sure your dogs are completely safe, even after they are sneezing uncontrollably, it is better to take them to the vet anyway. The vet knows how to run the test to see whether or not the constant sneezing is something else. The right treatment of course will bring the best result. You need to understand there are so many possibilities which cause excessive sneezing in dogs, and you do not want to risk it.

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