Heartworm Medicine without a Vet: Why Shouldn’t You Do It?

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Heartworm Medicine without a Vet

Getting heartworm medicine without a vet or without any prescription is not something wise to do. Heartworm is indeed one of the most prominent diseases when it comes to dog. This makes a lot of dog owners realize they need heartworm medicine, whether to treat it or prevent it. However, some of them do not want to go all the way to the vet to get the medicine. Well, it is not a good move. Here are the reasons.

Prior Heartworm Test is Needed

Most heartworm medicine is not meant for dogs that are already tested positive for the disease. If you are not going to the vet, how will you know that your dogs do not have the disease already? For this reason, it is extremely important to get the medicine ONLY from the vets as they will run the tests first.


Vet Follow-up and Monitoring are Mandatory

After getting the medicine and giving it to the dogs, the vet needs to do monitoring to see if they have side effects from the medicine. They also need to do some follow ups. If you are not going to take your dogs to the vet first, it will be very impossible to get the monitoring or follow up, which is risky and can claim the dog’s life.


The Dose Could Be Different

Each dog of different breed has different size, weight and everything for sure. The dosage of drug can also be different from one dog to another. Getting heartworm medicine without a vet is not a good idea as you do not know exactly how much to give.


It Won’t Be in the Vet’s Record

Even though you think natural heartworm prevention is not going to have any massive effect for the dog, well sometimes it does. When you go to the vets and they give medicine, it will go to the dog’s record and it should be used for further reference. You do not want the action of giving the drug to the dog goes unrecorded.

It is clear from the information above that heartworm medicine is not going to work properly when you won’t get vet’s permission or prescription. Indeed, it will be slightly more expensive, but the risk is not going to be severe. This is the reason why vet’s permission is not the one to take for granted. You must never get the heartworm medicine without a vet as it is dangerous.

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