Rawhide Bones Bad for Dogs and What are the Risks?

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Rawhide Bones Bad for Dogs and What are the Risks

As we know, the debate of whether or not rawhide bones bad for dogs has been going for many, many years. On one side, rawhide is like a great treat for dogs as it stops them from chewing anything else. On the other side, rawhide is often considered dangerous as it contains too many risks. What are those risks? These are the further explanations about that.


Yes, the main reason why people often ask whether or not rawhide bones bad for dogs is because most dogs experience gagging after they are chewing the rawhide. This is basically the main risk because rawhide can cause blockage on the airway and naturally the dogs will try to breathe normally again by gagging.



As a note, when the dogs are vomiting so badly after using rawhide, you need to stop it. Usually, the vomiting is because the rawhide gets flaky and its bits go inside the dog’s body and the body rejects it. The natural reaction for that is vomiting. You should not take this for granted, and you need to take action as soon as possible.



Rawhide has the risk of getting the dog diarrhea. It may seem very logic, but sometimes people do not believe it. The bits of bone can interfere the digestive system and may cause loose stool. You surely do not want this to happen, and thus not giving the dog rawhide is probably the best option here.


Refusal to Eat

When the dogs are too obsessed with the rawhide, usually they will go to the extreme point like do not want to eat at all. When this refusal to eat has been going for too long, they will be in peril for sure. This is why you need to get safe chew for dogs and get rid of the rawhide. Do not let the dogs starve because of the rawhide obsession.

In this case, if you do not want to take a risk, you may as well prevent the dogs from getting a rawhide. It is better to get them something else, something safer. If you want to be extra cautious, call the vet and ask for suggestion. The vet may have better option for the chewing or for any substitute for the rawhide. That way, you do not need to worry about whether or not rawhide bones bad for dogs.

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