Dog Chewing Paws Raw, the Reasons Why Dogs Chew Their Paws

Dog Chewing Paws Raw, the Reasons Why Dogs Chew Their Paws

The case of dog chewing paws raw happens like all the time. Owners probably cannot help but notice their dogs are often chewing their paws constantly. Is this a good thing or bad thing, though? Well, it is mostly not on the good side, and this is why you should know the real reason why the dog is doing so. The full information about it should be read below.

Skin Irritation

Skin irritation is one of the major causes of dog chewing paws raw. This is pretty easy to think about because skin irritation is so itchy and the dogs probably want to get rid of the itchiness by chewing and licking the paws. If this is the cause, you will probably need painkiller medicine to soothe the pain and stop the dogs from chewing its paws.



Dog can be very nervous about something, too. They have to do something to overcome the nerve. Most likely, they will bark. However, besides of that, they will do many odd things, including chewing their own paws, which is not too remotely cool because it can cause the open wounds. Prevent this from happening by calming and soothing the dog.



Yes, dogs can be bored, too. And when they are bored, they have to find something to do, including chewing their own paws. The dog chewing paws raw treatment for this case is to get the dog something to do. Get the dog out of the house and or give them toys to chew on. They won’t be bored anymore and will most definitely stop the paw chewing.


Pain on the Paws

Just check the dog’s paw when they are constantly chewing it. See if you notice there are inflammations or any sorts of open wound in it. Dogs may lick or chew their paws when they know that there are something painful there and they want to get rid of it. Check the paws thoroughly not to miss a thing.

Even though chewing paws seems harmless, you cannot just take it for granted. There are many things that can go wrong when the dog is chewing its paws all the time. Infections and open wounds are some of those bad things. This is why when you see dog chewing paws raw, you should probably find the cause and make sure the dog stops chewing the paws.

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