Knowing Feline Leukemia Life Expectancy and Right Treatments

Knowing Feline Leukemia Life Expectancy and Right Treatments

Understanding feline leukemia life expectancy is something gloomy, but you just have to face it. Leukemia is a disease that no one wants to see their cat suffers from. It is a viral disease which is most likely the cause of death to the cats that have it. Read the information about feline leukemia and everything else related to it, including the life expectancy below.

What is Feline Leukemia (FeLV)

The disease is a viral disease. It is transmitted by virus via bite wounds and infection. The disease is life-threatening as it can weaken the immune system of the cat, leading many other types of disease to attack the cat and this cancer is going to kill the cat eventually. This is why it is very dangerous and has to be treated immediately.


The Symptoms of Feline Leukemia

The symptoms of the cancer are most likely visible, including weight loss, fever, diarrhea and heavy breathing patterns. When you see any of these symptoms, it is better to bring the cat to the vet so that they can run some tests to see what happens to the cat.


The Life Expectancy of Cats with Feline Leukemia

The feline leukemia life expectancy is not good news for everyone hoping for one. After being diagnosed, usually the life expectancy is only two to three years. However, it is always depending on how severe the leukemia when the cat is diagnosed. If it is still on the very early stage, the cat’s life is probably on grave danger yet and medications should help.


The Feline Leukemia Preventions

Before the cat reaching final stages of feline leukemia, it is better to prevent the disease. How to prevent it? Well, vaccine is one thing and the major thing to do. Back when the cat is still just a kitten, you should bring them to vets and get the jab. The vaccination will bring prevention to any sorts of disease including this FeLV disease.

The disease is dangerous indeed, and when your cats are diagnosed suffering from leukemia, you have to make sure you can get them the best treatment, so the disease can be fought against. For those who just figure out about the disease, now you know how dangerous it is. You also know it is not the one to take for granted since feline leukemia life expectancy is quite short.

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