Gabapentin for Cats Dosage and Related Things You Have to Understand

Gabapentin for Cats Dosage and Related Things You Have to Understand

Gabapentin for cats dosage is something that every cat owner needs to know. The drug is quite well-known because it is helpful to treat nerve pain in cats. For you who want to find out more about Gabapentin, including the dosage, read the information below, so you won’t miss a thing about the usage of drug, as well as the side effects.

What is Gabapentin?

Before getting to the Gabapentin for cats dosage information, surely you need to know what exactly Gabapentin is. The drug is anticonvulsant that can be used to treat seizures in dogs and cats. The drug is also capable in treating chronic pain. The drug is usually great in treating any sorts of nerve-related pain and diseases in cats and dogs.


Is There Any Side Effects?

Using Gabapentin for cats anxiety, nerve pain, and seizures is surely having side effects. The side effects are various and probably different from one cat to another. The most common side effect is sedation and lack of energy. It happens a lot and it is because the drug is actually working in calming the nerve inside. Vomiting and diarrhea are also common side effects for this drug.


Initial Dosage to Treat Seizures

To treat seizures, you need the dosage of 5-10 mg of the drug to every kilo of your cat. So, if your cat is like 3 kilos, for example, the drug to take is around 15-30 mg. It should be given orally once per 12 hours or like two times a day. Remember that this is a prescribed drug so that you also need to get the vet’s approval before getting the drug for the cat.


Initial Dosage to Chronic Pain

To treat chronic pain, the dosage is basically the same as the one above. It is approximately 5-10 mg per every kilo of the cat. To be safer, let the vet does the calculation so that you know that you won’t take any risk in giving the drug to the cat.

The drug is proven to be quite useful. However, it is a prescribed drug, so you should always remember that you just cannot give it to your cat randomly. It has to be based on vet’s prescription. This is the reason why even though you know exactly the Gabapentin for cats dosage, you should always consult with the vet beforehand, and make sure everything is done properly.

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