Bladder Leakage in Dogs and How to Deal with the Problem

Bladder Leakage in Dogs and How to Deal with the Problem

The problem of bladder leakage in dogs happens quite a lot of times, especially when you own old dogs. Bladder leakage is mostly caused by old age but of course there are more to it. The full information about bladder leakage that happens to dog can be read below. It includes its treatment, as well as the prevention. Read the information below, so you know exactly what to do.

Causes of Bladder Leakage in Dog

There are many, many causes of bladder leakage in dogs. Most likely, it happens because of old age. Just like human, dog in their late stage of life will have loosen bladder and it will most likely leak. The bladder leakage is also caused by UTI or urinary tract infection or something wrong with the internal organ of the dog.


How to Prevent Bladder Leakage in Dog?

Preventing bladder leakage in dogs is not an easy thing to do because it has to be done from a long time ago. The best thing to prevent it is to let the dog outside regularly so that they can empty their bladder on their own. Empty bladder won’t leak, obviously, and it will help the body not to hold full bladder with urine inside for a long time.


Is Vet Treatment Necessary?

When your dog leaking urine when lying down, should you bring them to vets? Well, if you have time and everything, you should. Vet’s treatment is needed because bladder leakage can be something else and way more dangerous, including kidney stone or bladder infection. It is always a safer option to get the dog to the vet first before you try anything else.


The Usage of Doggie Diapers

Doggie diapers are very needed when the dog is already on the stage of leaking urine every day. By wearing diapers, they won’t make a mess around the house. Diapers are also useful in helping the dog’s hygiene every day. Consult the vet about giving doggie diapers to the dog and see if the dog can take it.

Dog’s bladder leakage causes discomfort for the dogs and the owner. There will be dog’s urine everywhere and cleaning it up is not a pleasant thing to do. This is why you should understand what to do and how to prevent the leakage. Everything you have to understand is already written up there, so you can prevent the bladder leakage in dogs.

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