Suppository for Dogs, a Solution When Your Dog is Constipated

Suppository for Dogs, a Solution When Your Dog is Constipated

A suppository for dogs is usually needed to solve constipation on dogs. Constipation is the inability to produce normal feces on the routine schedule. Dogs usually have the pooping schedule one or twice per day.

You can notice that your dogs have constipation when you find them do not poop for a few days or when you find the hard and dry stools whenever they poop. The causes for dog’s constipation are divided into three types. Here they are.


Extraluminal Causes

Extraluminal causes are usually referring to obstructions outside of colon that could make them hard to poop, such as pelvic fractures or tumors. These often need medical procedures to remove the issues.


Intraluminal Causes

The intraluminal causes are term to refer the inside blockages of the colon. The factors that may affect this case are the age of dog, diet, or dehydration. The dogs are just like humans that need to eat enough fiber for healthy stomach. They also have the tendency to consume dangerous things, such as kitty litter, toys, or even hair. Therefore, it is your responsibility to minimize the chance of your dogs eating these stuffs to eliminate the chance of giving the suppository for dogs.


Intrinsic Causes

The other ones besides extraluminal and intraluminal causes can be called intrinsic causes that include nerve injuries or diseases. Some metabolic diseases like kidney problems and hypothyroidism can lead to dog’s constipation. If the dogs currently have some medical or drugs procedures, they may also have constipation. Therefore, you need to make sure with your trusted vet if your dogs have those causes.

Well, there are many home remedies you can do to eliminate constipation on dogs, for example making pumpkin treats for them, giving fiber supplements, making sure that your dogs have consumed enough water, or even take them to regular exercise. As the owner, you should pay more attention to the dog food. You can give them the foods that contain high fiber. It will help them to produce normal feces.

In addition, if you decide to take your dogs to the vet because of constipation issues, you might be given the suppository. It is the medication that can be used to treat constipation or even seizure disorders which needed to be inserted into anus. Once it is inserted there, it will melt and start to work. Suppository for dogs might be the best solution if your dog is puking or can’t eat any pills.


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