The Causes of Cat Puking a Lot that You Have to Know

The Causes of Cat Puking a Lot that You Have to Know

Cat puking a lot might be the common thing that you see if you are a cat’s owner. There are many reasons and causes that can make your cats puke. Some causes are not dangerous, but the other causes might danger their lives. In some cases, you need to take care of your cats at home without taking them to the vet. However, if the cause is serious, you should be wary of the urgency.

For your information, cat vomit is divided into two types: acute and chronic vomiting. The acute vomiting is when your cat starts puking out of sudden, while the chronic vomiting is when your cat is usually puking regularly for a long time. The first type is usually the urgent case since this condition could lead to some problems. Although the chronic puking is considered normal, you still have to see a vet and make sure your cat is okay.

Before knowing home remedies for your cat, you need to know first the following common causes of cat puking a lot. Check the following list.



When your cats have dietary intolerance to certain ingredients in food, it may cause them to vomit. Having a sudden change in eating can also be the next cause. You need to pay attention to what they eat.


Neurologic issues

In fact, some neurologic issues are the other causes of cat’s puking. Several diseases such as vestibular disease that’s usually associated with ear disease could be considered as the cause as well.



In addition, you need to check if they have indirect causes, such as the skin cell tumors or some direct causes like intestinal cancer.


Organ Dysfunction

The organ’s health is commonly associated with the cat’s vomiting, starting from pancreatitis, kidney issues, to liver issues. Again, to make sure which one of the causes, you still need professional help.



You need to be aware of your cats, especially if they are going through certain medications like anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, or even chemotherapy. Those are the common things that could be the causes of vomiting issues.

If you find your cats vomit, you need to take them to the professional. It will help to prevent the worse condition. With the right diagnosis, you will know the causes of cat puking a lot and the right medication, so you can see your lovely pets to be healthy again.

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