Fever Reducer for Dogs as the First Aid and Home Remedies

Dog Vomiting and Lethargic Condition that Shoud Be Wary of

Fever reducer for dogs is one thing that dog owners must know. In fact, fever affects not only humans, but also animals, such as dogs and cats. A dog’s fever can be caused by a variety of things, including viruses, infections, germs, toxins, carrier illnesses, and sores on the body. If your dogs have a fever, they need to be treated right away. As the dog owner, you should concern because there are a number of things that can be done at home as treatments.


Understand the symptoms of fever

Before treating the dogs, you must first recognize the symptoms. Vomiting, coughing, lethargy, and loss of appetite are some of the symptoms which might occur when the dogs have a fever. Furthermore, the dog’s nose, which is hot and dry, can be seen. You should be aware that the dog’s normal body temperature ranges between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If your dogs have a higher temperature, it is likely that they have a fever. You surely need fever reducer for dogs.


Meet their nutritional needs

When you have identified the symptoms of a fever, the following step is to address the dietary requirements. Make sure your dogs have plenty of water to avoid being dehydrated. Give them plenty of food and avoid giving human food. Vitamin C can also be given as additional nutrition. Vitamin C is required at the dose of around 3000 IU for dogs. Human medicine should not be given to dogs without veterinarian’s prescription because it can be toxic to them.


Try to cool your dog down

When it comes to humans, it is normally done by compressing the forehead. However, when it comes to dogs, it is a little different. All you need is a towel and water that’s not too cold, but rather cold from lukewarm. Using a moist cloth, wipe the dog’s ears and paws. Then, using the same water and towel, wash your dog’s chest and abdomen. You don’t need to use soap because the dog isn’t supposed to be bathed with it. The dog should next be dried with a hairdryer or a dry towel. To keep it warm, make sure your dog is fully dry.


Take the dog to the vet

The treatments stated earlier are effective fever reducer medication for dogs. Take them to the veterinarian right away if the symptoms of a fever don’t go away and develop worse. It does not always yield positive effects for using home remedies. If the symptoms are quite severe at first, you may need to take the dog immediately to the vet. Well, those are some ways that can be done as a fever reducer for dogs.

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