Dog Chewing Paws Treatment that You Can Do at Home

Dog Chewing Paws Treatment that You Can Do at Home

Dog chewing paws treatment is a must if you find your dog chewing and licking their paws excessively. If your dog only chew or lick their paws on occasion or when they are dirty, you probably don’t need to worry. However, if they are excessively licking and chewing their paws when they do not appear to be dirty, you should investigate their behavior.

Check your dog’s feet for broken claws, wounds, and foreign stuff in their toes if they suddenly start licking their paws. It is not uncommon for dogs to get the thing stuck in the toes and struggle to get it out. If the chewing condition is chronic, it can be a reaction of allergic, for example the food allergy. Secondary infections caused by the continuous chewing and licking can worse this condition. Moreover, paw biting is frequently caused by boredom or itchiness. There may be dog chewing paws treatment you can do at home to help your dog stop biting its paws.



Vinegar can treat a variety of dog ailments, including the paws. Fungus is another common cause of infection in the paws. This ingredient contains numerous anti-fungal properties that can prevent infections. You need to soak the dog’s paws in the mixture of warm water (2 cups) and vinegar (1 cup) for 5 minutes. Do the treatment twice a day within a week until your dog paws heal.


Baking soda and water mixture

As we know, there are many applications of baking soda. In this case, you can use this ingredient to heal the itchy dog paws. It has anti-inflammatory agents that help treating itchiness. Mix baking soda and water until it becomes paste, then apply it to dog’s paws. After an hour, wash them. Baking soda is inexpensive and safe for your dog.



Honey is well known as anti-oxidant. It can remove the toxin, thereby promoting cell regeneration. In addition, there are antibacterial agents in honey which also prevent any infections. In dogs, honey can be used to treat various allergies, including the itchy sensation in the paws. To use it, you can apply natural honey directly to the paws. As alternative, you can also combine it with baking soda or vinegar.

Well, those are some natural dog chewing paws treatments that you can do. If indeed some of the methods above do not work, immediately take the dog to the vet for further treatment. Always take care of their health, and if necessary, do dog chewing paws treatment.

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