Swollen Dog Ear Flap and Professional Treatments to Repair Ear Hematoma

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Swollen Dog Ear Flap and Professional Treatments to Repair Ear Hematoma

A swollen dog ear flap or ear hematoma is one of the many common reasons dogs should be taken to a vet. This ear condition is typically caused by yeast, bacteria, or maybe a bit of both. The symptom of this condition is noticeable. Usually, a dog owner will notice discharge or redness in the dog’s ear canal. There are a number of options that can be done to treat ear hematoma. Below are some of the procedures usually done by a vet.


This treatment includes removing fluid clogged in the hematoma with a needle that is connected to a sterile syringe. Vets usually use a steroid to perform this procedure because the fluid may return to the hematoma. Many veterinarians typically recommend this procedure to repair a swollen canine ear flap. It does not need surgery and is a cost-effective alternative. The side effects are that it needs to be done multiple times and may lead to some infections.

Placement of Teat Cannula

It’s a small-sized device commonly used to treat cattle with udder conditions. Professional vets also use this device to treat hematoma in a dog’s ear by surgically implanted it. The device will drain the fluids and allow the ear to heal faster. This is one of the best methods to repair a swollen dog ear flap. However, the cannula placement may cause discomfort for the dog.


In this procedure, a surgical incision will be conducted by a professional in the dog’s earflap. This way, blood clots, and fluid can be drained out of the hematoma. To prevent fluids from returning, several sutures are made in the affected region. Vets will leave sutures in place for several weeks to decrease the risk of fluids refilling and allow for proper healing.

Leave the Condition Alone

As already mentioned above, ear hematoma is a typical dog’s health condition that is not life-threatening. This means if you leave it alone, then it will gradually disappear on its own. The blood clots and fluids will dissipate into the canine’s body, and there will not be any visible bulge on the earflap. However, this will instead lead to scarring.

If your dog’s appearance highly matters to you, then leaving the hematoma without treatment might not be the right option. It takes months to repair a swollen dog ear flap without professional help; thus, it’s always recommended to consult a vet.

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