Spray to Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture, and the Reason You Should Get It

Spray to Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture, and the Reason You Should Get It

Looking for a spray to stop cats from scratching furniture? Well, you’re on the right page. It must be an annoying scene to see your brand-new couch is getting scarred by your pet. Well, you’ll be confused who to defend, is it the sofa you’ve always been saving your money for or the kitty that has been living with you for long?

While the debate has no apparent end point, you should try to reveal why cats scratch. It sounds like a natural habit. Well, you’ll suffer from the scratch whenever the cat ‘destroys’ your couch or sofa with its claws. There are several reasons why cats scratch, which are as follows:

  • Scratching makes them feel good. Can relate to this habit? You probably have that habit that relieves stress and help you to maintain a good mood while being under pressure. For example, biting your nails. Although it is commonly frowned upon, you’ll still do it – unless you have another channel to relieve your stress and make yourself relaxed. The same goes to cats. Scratching means a lot in relieving stress in cats. Not to forget, with scratching, your cat can reduce the chance of developing unwanted behavior.
  • Stretching requires them to do this kind of ‘sport’. A simple one, actually. Scratching requires your feline fellow to stretch long – and this means to give proper stretching for their toes, shoulders, and even neck.
  • Marking spot. With the scent gland embedded in their paws, their odor can be released into the surface of thing they are scratching. This comes as a form of communication, as if saying, “This is my territory”.
  • Maintaining claws’ health. Simple yet meaningful, that’s why cats scratch to dismiss the nail husk in a routine basis.

Now that you understand why your cat scratches, you probably still want to avoid that scratches especially on your valuable belongings. One trick that should work is by getting some spray to stop cats from scratching furniture.

In general spray to stop cats scratching contains some hormone that’s similar to your feline. When this is sprayed onto a specific surface, the effect is to make your kitty gets calmer, especially if the reason behind the scratch is to relieve stress. You can easily look for this cool spray online for cheap price.

Another way to make your kitty avoid the new sofa is to spray citrus-scented solution. Cats own this natural antipathy towards citrus-scent. Although it can be less-effective than the aforementioned spray to stop cats from scratching furniture, it’s still worth-trying.

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