Knowing Cat Sneezing Runny Nose Home Remedy to Treat the Cats with Colds

Knowing Cat Sneezing Runny Nose Home Remedy to Treat the Cats with Colds

Just like humans, cats can also get colds, and there are so many options of easy cat sneezing runny nose home remedy. However, of course cold in cats are different from cold in humans, so there are different ways to treat the cats with colds. Let’s check more explanation in the following passage.


The causes

Usually, this kind of cold is caused by the Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis virus, and it can last for 7 to 10 days. Kittens are more prone to get colds since their immune system has not developed well. The symptoms you may notice if your cat gets cold are the loss of appetite, watery eyes, sneezing, a mild fever, runny nose, etc. Although not every cat shows the same cat cold symptoms, it is easy to know if they are sick or not. As we know, most of cats are playful. Therefore, if they look so tired and lethargic, it can be a sign of cold.


The treatments and remedy

Once you notice any symptoms, make sure to make a cat sneezing runny nose home remedy or simply go to a vet, so your cats can get treatment immediately. In most cases, you can treat them easily at home. However, if their health condition gets any worse or does not seem to be improved in a week, you should seek medical treatment soon. You should know that some severe cases may lead to other serious issues, even death.

In addition, separate the cats from other healthy cats because the virus can spread easily and rapidly. The next thing you can do is making sure that they are well dehydrated. Just put them into a room with a vaporizer as it will help to reduce the cold symptoms. You can also put some water into their food, so they can eat well. When this virus attacks, your cat’s appetite may be reduced too. It is because their respiratory system is troubled, and they cannot smell well like before. In this case, you better give them more smelly foods to encourage your cats to eat more.

In addition, wipe the discharges that come out from the cat’s nose with a clean cloth or a soft cotton ball. However, if you have already done the cat sneezing runny nose home remedy, but there is no significant result and they have not get any better, go see a vet soon to get a better and proper medication.

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