Bubbler Water Fountain and How to Choose the Right One for Cats

Bubbler Water Fountain and How to Choose the Right One for Cats

Many cats tend to be picky when it comes about the bubbler water fountain type they drink from. Some prefer one made of stainless steel, some like to drink from a plastic bowl, and other prefer one made from ceramic. Pet water fountains come with bowls that are usually made of all these three materials. Therefore keep this in mind when shopping. There are also three different kinds of water fountain: charcoal filtered, gravity, and bubblers type. Read on to find out which water fountain you should buy for your cat.


Gravity Water Fountain

This gravity type is the most common type of water fountain for feeding pets. However, this type generally too noisy, and often makes a sound like a water cooler used in an office. This bubbler water fountain for cats is the one that is widely used by pet owners because they believe this model doesn’t generate too much noise since it has no motor. Even so, most brands with this type of water fountain come with a removable bowl made out of stainless steel, which is good to prevent leaks when you refill it.


Charcoal Filtered Water Fountain

A bubbler water fountain with a charcoal filter system generates less noise and the water runs down smoothly, so it’s less likely the water will splash as it reaches the bowl. Most of the products feature a control valve, making it desirable compared to other types. Nevertheless, you should know that it comes with a filter, meaning that you need to regularly replace it to prevent dirt from clogging up the system. In addition to this, some of these water fountains are only made of plastic, so that it’s not an ideal option if you have cats with plastic allergies. If your feline is okay with it, then this is a perfect choice.


Bubbler-type Water Fountain

A bubbler-type water fountain doesn’t come with a system that can filter the water. Even so, it will continually oxygenate the water by bubbling. With this model, you don’t need to manually refill the water as it comes with an electric AC cord, making it able to refill the water by itself.

However, bubblers might scare some cats, so if you have an anxious cat, this cat drinking water fountain might not be the right option. But it also makes a fantastic selection if you want to encourage your pet to regularly drink water. In addition, this bubbler water fountain doesn’t produce too much noise and relatively easy to clean.

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