Heart Murmur in Chihuahua Cause, Symptom, and Treatments

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Heart Murmur in Chihuahua Cause, Symptom, and Treatments

For your information, heart murmur in Chihuahua is one of the most common causes why the dog died. Yes, Chihuahua is a small breed of dog with quite a few of infamous health problems, including the one related to their heart. Heart murmur is just one of them, and that’s why when you have this breed of dog as pet, you need to be familiar with the heart condition.


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What is Heart Murmur?

A heart murmur is a condition that happens to mostly older dogs. In addition, the heart murmur in older dogs are technically the condition where abnormal sound comes from the dog’s heart, and it shows that there is something wrong or mostly turbulence in the blood flow around the heart. This is a serious medical condition, and it has to be treated immediately.


What Causes the Heart Murmur?

There are several causes of the condition, but they are all related to the abnormality in the heart, including the inflammation in the heart, and the most common one is the inability for the heart to close a valve shut and tight. The disease can also be caused by the narrowing of the arteries around the location of the heart.


What are the Symptoms?

The most obvious symptom is that you can hear different sounds coming from the dog’s chest. The sound is like rumble sound or gargling sound, like the one you hear when your stomach is empty. If the sound is basically heard, it means the condition is already severe. This will be followed by the change of dog’s behavior as it will get lame.


What are the Treatments?

The most common treatment to cure heart murmur in Chihuahua is basically to seal back the valve in the heart and to close it shut, so the blood can flow normally again. The only way for the vet to do this is by performing the surgeries. However, if the heart murmur is still very mild, medication can also be given to the Chihuahuas.

That is basically what you need to know about the disease. Yes, it is quite serious, so checking the dog to the vet regularly is one way to make sure this heart problem will be get detected as early as possible. Keep your Chihuahuas happy and healthy by taking precautions to their health problem, including to the heart murmur in Chihuahua.


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