Tacrolimus Eye Drops For Dogs Side Effects That You Have To Know

Tacrolimus Eye Drops For Dogs Side Effects That You Have To Know

Tacrolimus eye drops for dogs are often given to the pet when they have watery eyes caused by mild allergy or when the dog is swelling around the eyes. The eye drop is very effective, and it can treat the infection on the eyes quite quickly. However, this medicine has side effects, though and you need to know all of them.


Stinging On The Eyes

Of course giving Tacrolimus eye drops for dogs will get them slightly feel uncomfortable. They will feel stinging or even burning sensation around the eyes. You can soothe the dogs by rubbing their back or blow a bit on the eyes to cool down the stinging sensation. Then, help the dogs to feel comfortable again.


Discoloration Around The Eyes

After getting a few drops of Tacrolimus on the eyes, you will see the discoloration around the eyes. Yes, the fur will change the color a little bit, but this is not ALWAYS happening. It is like very occasionally, and you do not need to worry about it. It will get back to normal, color-wise in no time at all. You do not need to be afraid of this.


Facial Swelling

The eye drop can also cause facial swelling. However, it is just for a few hours, and it is completely normal. However, if you feel like this is too much for the dog to handle, you can always seek for the Tacrolimus eye drops for dogs substitute, and find the medicine which will cause no swelling at all on the face. Contact the vet immediately if you want this option.



Last but not least, the side effect you need to know is the tiredness. The dog will become less active or get lameness that you may not want to see. However, it is for a good thing because the dog can stay calm for a while, and the medicine can seep it easily. If the dog is too lame, bringing your dog to the vet is the only option.

The best way to give the medicine or the eye drop to your dog is right after you consulting with the vet. Remember there are side effects, so when the side effects become unbearable, you will have to make sure the vet is just one phone call away. That way, you can give the Tacrolimus eye drops for dogs with a peace in mind.

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