Dog Conjunctivitis Treatment over the Counter and Three Selected Solutions

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Dog Conjunctivitis Treatment over the Counter and Three Selected Solutions

If you are looking for dog conjunctivitis treatment over the counter, you’ve come to the right page. Sometimes, getting a plan to visit your vet may take you load of resources, ranging from time, fuel expenses, and the vet fee itself. Yet you still want to do your best for your helpless canine fellow whose eyes are now ‘sick’. What to do now? One that does the trick is to get over the counter dog conjunctivitis treatment.

Conjunctivitis is defined as an inflammatory disease – exists in both humans and animals – that affects the conjunctiva of the eye. Usually, it comes as a result of bacterial infection. In dogs, this disease manifest in these symptoms:

  • There’s discharge from your dog’s affected eye – often clear, yellow, or greenish in color.
  • The eye’s white part is often red
  • Additionally, in some cases the affected eye’s surrounding gets swollen
  • Your dog may blink and squint more often
  • Included to the symptoms is that your dog’s pawing to the affected eye – which is often hard to stop.

These aforementioned symptoms are not specific for one disease only, for example both conjunctivitis and allergy may manifest in the similar eye-related symptoms. However, you should know that allergy may affect both eyes, while conjunctivitis typically only affects one. Keep in mind frequent pawing may result in it being transferred to another eye, making it harder for you to cure it. Regarding the over the counter pink eye treatment, you can rely on this:

Saline solution

This dog conjunctivitis treatment over the counter is also called as saline eye drops. This is very easy to find either in your nearest pharmacy or vet store. Note that it only works to lessen the inflammation as well as to provide a great relief (temporary) from eyes discomfort.

Please note that this isn’t the same with contact lenses solution. If you replace the eye drop with that, it may endanger your canine fellow’s eyes, not even reducing the redness.


Cold compress

Cold compress plays a great role in reducing the inflammation discomfort. Such compress can be purchased in both online stores and offline pharmacies.

Note that you should not use frozen ice packs. Both are cold but cold compress are soft, simply the otherwise from the vice versa.


Artificial tears

Although this is often prescribed for dogs with dry eye, you can use it to reduce the itch that may come as a side-effect of having conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis may result in dry eyes as well, so you may consider getting this stuff to help your dog deals with the pink eye.

Now that you know some treatments, you should not rely on these things only, especially if the disease shows no recovery or getting worse. In this case, instead of getting dog conjunctivitis treatment over the counter, consider visiting the vet to fix the problem.

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