Treating Mange in Cats Appropriately by Knowing the Cause and Symptoms

Treating Mange in Cats Appropriately by Knowing the Cause and Symptoms

Some people may ask about treating mange in cats. In most cases, after playing in the yard, some cats suddenly scratches themselves a lot. Moreover, if you pay attention to it, a crust appears at the tip of the cat’s ears, and if you peel it off, it will be scuffed. Does your cat also experience these signs? Be aware of the symptoms as your cat may have scabies or mange.



Mange is actually a skin disease that often attacks cats and other furry animals, such as dogs and rabbits. The main cause is tiny mites that manifest the outer layer of the skin. These mites have microscopic size that’s impossible to see with the human’s bare eyes. These microorganisms then live in the layers of the cat’s skin, dig a kind of tunnel in it, and lay eggs. The life cycle of these mite eggs is relatively fast, and will become a parasite as long as these settle in the skin tissue.

In addition, the disease is also contagious. When your cat plays with other cats suffering from this disease, the mites can easily move and settle in other layers of the cat’s skin. Then, how is it transmitted to humans? Some types of mite that attack cats cannot survive long on human skin. Therefore, if you accidentally come into contact, these mites will only stick to the skin then cause allergies and itching as the temporary reaction. So, it will be easier to get rid of cat mites on humans rather than on your pets.



The infected cats will also often scratch their heads. Then, starting from the ears, a patch of dead skin will appear. Over time, that area will be bald. If this condition is not treated properly, it will further spread over the cat’s face.



Mange in cats doesn’t heal on its own. So, you need to take the right steps for treating mange in cats. This disease can be treated with a special ointment application which you can get from the vet. However, in the severe condition, the vet usually will provide injection treatment of certain drugs. Generally, the dose given is twice a month until the disease is cured.

The cats which suffer from this disease will experience serious fur loss. Besides caring for the fur with grooming, you should also pay attention to the nutritional intake. In treating mange in cats, make sure they consume high nutritional foods to nourish their fur and body.

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