Knowing Cancerous Wart on Dog Characteristic and Treatments

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cancerous wart on dog

Besides humans, it turns out that pets can also get cancer, and one of them is the cancerous wart on dogs. In fact, not every bump on dog’s skin is a sign of cancer. However, it will be better to confirm this to the vet. So, what are the signs?

For your information, the warts in dogs are referred to as Papilloma. Papilloma virus causes the growth of these abnormal cells. This is the virus that causes the development of warts on the skin. Generally, it resembles the cauliflower and wound infections in the dog’s mouth. These viruses tend to affect several groups of dogs: the puppies which develop oral papillomatosis, the dogs with imbalanced immune systems, and the older dogs.


Making the diagnosis

In most cases, most veterinarians make the diagnostic tests by recognizing the common characteristic or the look of papillomas. Moreover, the warts should be removed only if the condition impacts the dog’s life quality, such as when the dog repeatedly chews or scratches the wart, or if the wart causes limp. It may lead to the serious problems.

The most common type of cancerous wart on dog is melanoma. Melanoma commonly occurs in dog’s hairy skin area by forming small bumps which are brown to black in color. The one that grows in the mouth and toe nails is an incurable type of dog skin cancer. It can spread to other parts of the body.


Several treatments

The treatment can be successful if the problem is detected early. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the dog behavior. If there are suspicious bumps or warts, take your dog to the vet immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, surgical procedures may be needed to remove the warts. The most common ones are electrocautery and cryosurgery. These procedures involve local anesthesia. Mostly, the surgery will significantly reduce the pain. In some more serious cases, there are also chemotherapy or radiation procedures.

In addition, nutrition intake and diet also play an important role in improving the condition of dogs with skin cancer. That’s why it is very crucial to provide a balanced diet when your dog is undergoing cancer treatment. In addition, discuss with your vet about giving vitamin that’s suitable for your dog’s breed. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the characteristics of cancerous wart on dog because this problem can threaten their life.

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