Bright Red Blood in Dog’s Stool Facts and What to Do when Dogs Pooping Fresh Blood

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bright red blood in dog's stool

Noticing bright red blood in dog’s stool is surely terrifying. The condition is called hematochezia. This is where fresh blood, fresh bright red blood is coming out of the dog through its colon system and ended up in the stools. There are some steps to keep your head during this situation, and these are the things you need to do.


Stay Calm

Do not panic or freak out. Everyone knows that blood is not a good sign but it can be anything. The worst-case scenario is the diseases like cancer or tumor, but, it can be anything small like bacterial infection or allergy. So, remain calm and do the next step.


Look for Possible Cause

Blood in stool can be caused by so many factors, including the irritation in dog’s inside because they chew and swallow things that they should not, like toys, papers, woods, and many more. Keep your head cool and look for the possible cause on your dog’s case. If your dog is not the chewing type, it is probably something else like infection or damage in their digestive system.


Collect Samples

It may seem gross but it is important. There is no way you can determine the cause of the blood just because you have seen the stool. However, some vets can. So, all you need to do here is taking a picture of the dog red poop and then show it to the vet later on. The vet can see by the shape, consistency or the blood on the stool and determine what is wrong.


Call the Vet Immediately

The most important thing to do when there is bright red blood in dog’s stool is to call your vet immediately. Make an emergency appointment or just bring the dog in to the clinic as soon as possible. Some causes of the blood ejection from the stool could be life-threatening and thus bringing the dogs to the vet really matters.

The key is do not get panicked. You should never think the blood in stool is the end of your day. Well, surely it is not a good sign, but if you act quickly enough, the whole situation is salvageable. Contact the vet immediately and provide all the information and evidences you have. That way, the vet can determine the cause of the bright red blood in dog’s stool and give a treatment.

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