Can I Give Clavamox without Vet Prescriptions to My Dogs?

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Clavamox without vet prescription

Clavamox without vet prescription information is often sought by those who have dogs. Dogs are very prone to many types of infection, including bacterial infection. Clavamox is one of the top medicines which people give to their dogs to prevent and cure the infection. However, is it safe without any vet prescription? The answer should be found below.


What is Clavamox?

This drug is a drop medicine containing amoxicillin as the main ingredient in it. The drug has the ability to cure and prevent bacterial infection, which is quite common in dogs. The drug has a good plus side of the easiness to be given to the dogs. It should give you no hard time in feeding them to the dogs. It can be mixed with the dog’s food and drinks as well.


Is it Safe without Vet Prescriptions?

Well, using Clavamox without vet prescription is considered common these days. A lot of people give it to their dogs without any prescription from vet. The instruction inside the drug package is quite clear and easy to follow. The dosage is clearly written as well so that people can just follow it without the need of any guidance from the vet.


What are the Side Effects?

The drug has side effects as well. The side effect is including the lack of appetite. There will be a noticeable lack of appetite and dog may refuse to eat for some times. Vomiting is also a side effect but it won’t happen for too long. Another side effect is the lameness or that the dog becomes less energetic. Contact your vet if the side effects are taking way too long to end.

Can I Give Clavamox without Vet Prescriptions to My Dogs

Where Can I Buy One?

If you are sure about using Clavamox for dogs without vet prescription, you should be able to find the drug in most drug stores, especially the pet-related drug store. Or, with the technology these days, finding the drugs online will be something easy to do as well. This drug is also available in most of the vet’s office and pet clinic.

That’s what you should understand about the drug. Even though a lot of people use it for free and do not ask the permission or prescription from their dog’s vet, you should make sure the dog’s condition is proper and not too severely infected by the disease. To keep it absolutely on the safer side, contact the vet and do not attempt the Clavamox without vet prescription.

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