Dog Wheezing and Coughing Causes and the Right Treatment

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Dog Wheezing and Coughing Causes and the Right Treatment

Dog wheezing and coughing may seem normal, but it can actually be dangerous if it happens continuously. Wheezing is a condition when something blocks the airway that may make your dogs panicked. In a non-emergency case, wheezing usually lasts only a few seconds, and it can be resolved by itself. However, if your dogs are wheezing and coughing continuously, this might be a sign of serious condition. In this case, you should take them to a vet as soon as possible.


The causes

For your information, the common causes of dog wheezing and coughing can be various. It may be related to allergies, kennel cough, bronchitis or collapsing trachea, the infectious disease, or even heart disease. Moreover, the common parasites can also cause an irritation to the respiratory tissues, as well as the bacterial and viral diseases. The dogs with some allergies (due to mold, grass, dust mites, pollen, or even cigarette smoke, etc.) may also cough as these allergies make the lungs and throat irritated. Sometimes, this condition causes a whistling sound.

Whatever the issue is, you need to see a vet to make sure the exact causes. Make sure to know your dog’s health history. It can be the events which lead to their wheezing and coughing condition, any medications, or the vaccine history. The vet needs those details to help them making diagnosis. Furthermore, some physical exams or laboratory testing may be needed depending on the dog’s condition.


The treatments

The treatment will surely depend on the causes. If the coughing and wheezing case is  due to the dog’s health issues (heart disease, bronchitis, asthma, etc.), the vets will prescribe any medications to control the condition. Meanwhile, if this is caused by allergies, make sure to limit their contact with triggers and allergens. In addition, for the coughing and wheezing because of the stuff that blocks the respiratory tract, your vet may sedate your dog and remove it with medical instruments. As we know, dogs are playful, and they can chew balls, bones, sticks, and other toys. It can be the main reason they have the breathing problems.

Unfortunately, some cases cannot be prevented. However, if the wheezing and coughing are caused by the infectious diseases, it can be prevented through vaccination. Therefore, make sure to get the right medications and vaccination regularly for your lovely dogs to prevent them to have abnormal dog wheezing and coughing.


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