Elizabethan Collar for Dogs Function and the Reasons You Should Buy One

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Elizabethan Collar for Dogs Function and the Reasons You Should Buy One

Elizabethan collar for dogs are also known as the cone of shame. The name is originated from Elizabethan fashions from the mid-1500s when everyone at court is using large, puffy collar around their neck. Today, the collar is used by dogs since it has more functions than you think. There are several reasons why the collar is needed. Check the following list.


To protect the Injured Dog

As we know, the injured dogs need to be protected from other dogs or from themselves. By using this collar, they won’t be able to get around much or they won’t have any ability to lick, scratch, or bites their dog peers. This is why they can be very protected by the Elizabethan collar for dogs. Moreover, it also helps the healing process to go faster.


To Prevent the Dogs from Licking Their Skin

Elizabethan collar cat has the same purpose: it is attached around the neck to make sure the pets are not going to lick their skin. This is probably great when the cats or dogs have any wounds or injuries that will make them feel very itchy. Instead of letting them licking the skin and worsen the condition, the collar helps them stay still.


To Prevent the Dog from Allergies Scratching

Dogs are sometimes prone to allergies. When they are exposed to their allergen, they will have to wear the cones or collar to help them not to feel incredibly in pain. When they are not wearing the collar, they will have the urge to scratch their entire body, causing bloody mess and permanent scars on their body. The collar prevents them from doing so.


To Help the Dogs in Healing Process

Most vets will ask the owner to use the collar when the dog is in healing process. The collar prevents the dog to running wildly, and this is why it is essential to have. When the vets say so, do it as they know exactly what goes on the healing process.

The collar, e-Collar or whatever you call, is going to be very helpful for those who have dogs and in need of a special treatment. Therefore, make sure you know where to buy and how to buy one. There are a lot of places where you can get it. That way, you should be able to find the perfect Elizabethan collar for dogs.


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