Why is Dog Throwing up and Pooping Blood Happening?

dog throwing up and pooping blood

In fact, when dog throwing up and pooping blood, it is usually going to be freaking out the owner. Yes, blood in everything is never a good sign. Why is this happening, though? You will have to find out the answer from the list below. These are some of the most common causes why the blood is coming out on the vomit and the poop of your dog.


Foreign Body Ingestion

Your dogs are probably ejecting bodily mass that comes with blood because they previously eat something they are not supposed to eat. Foreign body ingestion is very common to happen, especially on dogs that are so interested in chewing and munching stuff. They should be taken to the vet immediately and get into examination table.


The Digestive Upset Or Allergy

Blood in dog poop can also be caused by the upset of the digestive system or the allergy. This one is food related. Therefore, as the owner, you need to know exactly what the dogs are allergic to. When they are exposed to the allergen and consume it, the blood is certainly going to be the sign that they are having digestive upset. They need to be treated as soon as possible.



There is a great chance that dog throwing up and pooping blood because of poisoning. When the dogs consume something with high toxic or something that’s so dangerous for the body, they will certainly give impact to the body system. That way, the body is going to reject the toxin by throwing it out. Moreover, some bloods are probably going to ooze.


Cancer, Masses, And Tumors

The worse possibility of this condition is that inside the dog’s body, abnormal matters are happening, including cancer, masses and tumors. They grow inside the body and interfere everything that goes inside. That is why the dog is oozing out blood from its vomit and from its poop. A detailed screening will be needed for this matter.

Remember, blood is never a good sign. So, when the blood is oozing like that from the vomit or from the waste of your dog, make sure you contact the vet as soon as possible. That way, the vet can work on the specific cause of the blood coming out as early as possible. This way, you should no longer worry about dog throwing up and pooping blood anymore.


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