Cat Tooth Extractions Need and Recovery

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Cat Tooth Extractions Need and Recovery

Your cat might need cat tooth extractions due to various reasons. This procedure may need to be performed once or twice during your car lifetime. Why does your cat need to get this procedure?

When Cat Tooth Extraction is Needed?

Cat and tooth cannot be separated from one another, but sometimes your cat has to deal with tooth loss. The common cause of this situation is gum disease or periodontal disease. When your car is suffering from this disease, it will have inflammation and infection not only in the gums but also in the bone surrounding the tooth erode. The periodontal ligament is weakened and it cannot do its job to hold the tooth in place properly. Tooth extraction might also be needed due to a broken tooth.


Because your cat can hide its pain greatly, sometimes you do not have any idea that your cat has a problem with its tooth. The vet might be needed to diagnose the problem. When the cat tooth extractions necessary are said by the vet, there might be two types of tooth extraction that should be performed. Sometimes the vet needs to do a crown amputation especially when there is tooth resorption. The tooth will only be removed at the gum line. However, the vet often has to extract the full tooth which means that the root will also be removed.


Does your cat need a long-term recovery after the tooth extraction procedure? Your cat might not need a long time for recovery just like most cats. It even does not have to stay at the clinic overnight after the procedure. Nevertheless, how fast your cat will recover depends on the overall health of the cat. It will also be affected by the way it handles anesthesia and the way it manages pain. It takes about a week for recovery when the cat gets single extraction, after all. To help its recovery process, you can feed it canned food to prevent irritation. You also have to make sure that it takes the prescribed medicine and antibiotics.


Although sometimes tooth extraction is unavoidable for the cat, sometimes it can be prevented as well. When you know that your cat has gum disease, you need to brush its teeth. You also need to bring your cat to the vet to have an annual dental cleaning. You can also feed the cat with foods that are made for reducing tartar and plaque buildup. It is not only useful to prevent gum disease but also to prevent cat tooth extractions.

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