Is Greenies Bad for Your Dogs?

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Is Greenies Bad for Your Dogs

Is greenies bad for dogs? You might have a bit of worry when you want to give dental chew for your dog because of its breath stink. You must be happy when it welcomes you after work and gives you puppy kisses. It is so sweet but you cannot stand with the breath stink. You want to enjoy the affection from your dog and giving it the dental chew might be a great option besides brushing its teeth as well. Greenies is a dental chew product that can be found but before you give it to your dog, you need to make a proper consideration first.


Yes, it is normal if you want to know the good sides of Greenies dental chew for your dog. You have to pay for it so you have to make sure that your spending is worth it. Dogs have various breeds with their uniqueness. The uniqueness includes its different body sizes. You can find the tiniest and largest dog breeds. You cannot just buy the same dental chew for all of those dogs. Greenies offer various sizes from teeny to jumbo size. It means that you can buy the dental chew that can be suitable for your dog size. It will help them to chew it easier and happier. Once again, you have to ask yourself about the reason why you want to buy a dental chew for your dog. If it is to reduce the smelly breath, it can be a great choice. This dental chew can help to prevent the tartar and plaque build-up on your dog teeth. It promotes better oral health for your dog. It is also useful to reduce bad breath. You might also want to make sure that the best dental chews for dogs. Since it is made in the USA, you can rest assured about its quality. Do not forget to check the package to learn more about the ingredients.


All of those good aspects of Greenies dental chew make you unable to wait for buying this product for your dogs. However, you still need to consider the cons as well. This product is not recommended for dogs under five pounds. You have to check on your dogs’ weight before purchasing the dental chew. When you check the ingredients, you will find gluten inside this product. It is not a good choice if your dog is gluten intolerant. It can also be dangerous when the dog eats too quickly because the sharp pieces can be swallowed and hurt its throat or even its internal organ. This can be the reason why people ask, ‘Is greenies bad for dogs?’.

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