Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats: Why Choose This Cat Breed if You Have Allergies

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Russian blue hypoallergenic cats

The Russian blue hypoallergenic cats might be the cat that you have to choose if you have allergies but you want to keep a cat in your household. It can be very hard when you fall in love with cats but you cannot keep them because you have allergies. Why do you have an allergic reaction when you have close contact with cats? Why is this cat breed less allergenic than other cat breeds? It is mentioned as one of some hypoallergenic cat breeds after all.

Only Shed a Little

When you see the Russian Blue cat, you might realize how big they look. This cat breed looks big because it has a double fur coat. The bigger look of this cat breed is also influenced by the growth degree of the hair. Many cat breeds have flat hair, but the hair of a Russian blue cat grows at a different angle. It is at a 45 degree angle to its body. Compared to other cat breeds, this cat also has more hairs that grow per square inch of its skin. That is why this cat has dense, lush, and silky fur. Your allergies will often be triggered by the shedding of fur. It is not a good choice if you want to keep cat breeds with acute shedding. The Russian Blue cat will she in the spring and fall but it is considered a little compared to other cat breeds. This is a reason why you can call the Russian blue cat hypoallergenic.

Low-Level Fel d1 Protein

The fur might be just one aspect of the cat that can trigger your allergic reaction. The real culprit of your allergic reaction to the cat is the Fel d1 protein. This kind of protein is produced in the sebaceous glands and saliva of your cat. This protein can also be produced in the skin. The reason why this protein is produced by the cats remains unknown yet. However, it is sure that this substance can cause an asthmatic or allergic reaction in humans. It is great that the Russian Blue cat only produces a low level of this substance. It can reduce your allergic reaction.

Less Dander

Last but not least, you need to know that the allergens in cats will depend on some aspects including the temperament of the cat. The Russian Blue cat is considered less dander than other breeds. It will not kick start your allergies and you know why you need to consider Russian blue hypoallergenic cats if you have cat allergies.

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