Traction Booties for Dogs: How to Choose the Best One

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Traction booties for dogs

Traction booties for dogs can be a life-saver for them, especially for older dogs and those who are suffering from joint and hip issues. Just like the name, traction booties provide traction to support dogs on slippery surfaces and floors, such as tile and hardwood. These are also beneficial for protective purposes. Traction booties can also provide dogs with paw protection from hot, cold, or troublesome surfaces.

Not only provide benefits for dogs, these booties are also beneficial for your interior. They can protect your floors from being scratched due to your dog’s claws. If you want to buy your dog traction booties, consider these things below first.


The first thing you have to consider when looking for traction booties for dogs is the durability. The durability will have something to do with your dog’s activity level. Active dogs tend to be harsher on their booties compared to passive dogs. So, make sure the traction booties you are going to buy can meet your dog’s activity level. Moreover, do not forget to consider how long your dog will wear their booties every day.


It is essential to choose breathable traction booties for dogs because dogs sweat through their paws. You are suggested to buy traction booties that are made from breathable materials. It is especially important if you think that your dog will wear their booties for a long period of time every day. This way, your dog can still feel comfortable wearing their traction booties.

Surfaces and Terrain

The next thing you have to consider is surfaces and terrain. Some dog traction booties are designed to be used only indoors. So, if you want your dog to be able to use their booties outdoors, make sure you check the suitability for outdoor uses.


If you opt for traction booties that your dog can wear outdoors, make sure they are waterproof. Because you cannot guarantee where your dog will suddenly run to. Choosing a waterproof dog traction bootie is a great idea if you want to make sure that the boots can last for a long time.

Leg Length and Paw Size

Make sure you measure your dog’s leg length and paw size so that you can find traction booties that fit your dog’s legs and paw. Especially if you buy online, make sure you check the provided sizing charts to find the perfect traction booties for dogs.

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