Kitten Crusty Eyes: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

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Kitten Crusty Eyes

Kitten crusty eyes are so digesting. Some people may claim it. But, it doesn’t look too disgusting. The presence of the kitten looks so funny and fun. It gives a potential infection indication in which you must prevent a potential of blindness the next day. To know this problem, these are some things about crusty eyes on the kitten.

Kitten Crusty Eyes’ Symptoms 

Crusty eyes are one of the infections of kittens and cats. However, it doesn’t only become the main problem of the cats. Crusty eyes are a signal of irritation and the potential to be dangerous for cats and kitten’s visibility. There will be some symptoms of this crusty eye problem. Those are red eyes, closed eyes, irritation, inflammation, and smell bad.

Sometimes, it refers to ophthalmia neonatorum. It is a conjunctiva infection covering a part of the surface of kitten eyes. Those are riskily getting infecting bacteria during a bearing process. Another source directs to infection type in which it is a dirty environment to treat kitten. Staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria are the main types of bacteria for the infection of kitten crusty eyes.

What Should You Do? 

When you find your kitten gets crusty eyes, you should give your spare time to identify the color of faces and accumulation on the kitten eyes accurately. The debt can be different from the bright one to the dark one. Every color can represent a different infection. You can give accurate information to veterinarians in determining the causes and treatments of this eye problem.

Treatments of Kitten Crusty Eyes

In some cases, eye drops are formulated especially to apply on a kitten. It is much recommended by a veterinarian. The application of eye drops consistently is the best way to ensure infection recovery. The salt liquid is recommended to clean crack dirt around your kitten eyes before applying eye drops. The application of a warm compress and removing crack dirt can help you to prevent eyes from being attached to each other. You must clean it regularly until you can cure the infection slowly on kitten eyes.

When your kitten gets crusty eyes, they possibly don’t want to collaborate if the outside part of the eyes is watery. You can rinse it with salt liquid, especially the application of the drugs. The drug may cause a serious effect. When you want to cure kitten crusty eyes, they will fight by scratching and biting you. You should wrap your kitten with a blanket to minimize those problems.

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