Hookworm Symptoms In Dogs: What Are the Causes?

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Hookworm Symptoms In Dogs

Hookworm is an intestine parasite absorbing the blood living in your dogs’ intestine. This parasite can cause serious anemia and inflammation in the intestine causing serious disease and treating the dog’s life. You need to know some hookworm symptoms in dogs that you can use to detect earlier the attack of hookworm.

What Is Hookworm In Dogs? 

Hookworm is a general parasite on the intestine. It uses the mouth to attach to the different locations in your dogs’ intestine and absorb the blood. Hookworm will live in the dogs’ intestine in which it puts the eggs in faces and infects the surrounding. It is often found in a wet and warm area in the US. Hookworm is a white worm that is very tiny and difficult to see. The length of this worm is about 10 to 20 mm. Though the worm’s eggs are found in dogs’ faces, you can’t see it because it is very tiny.

The Causes of Hookworm in Dogs 

There will be some causing factors of hookworm in dogs. Before you know some hookworm symptoms in dogs, it is good to find some causes of this worm in dogs.

  1. Eating Contaminated Soil
    After hookworm eggs release from the dogs’ faces, they contaminate soil and develop to be a larva for the infective third phase. A dog then can get the infection by swallowing soil containing infective larva directly or indirectly.
  2. Laying or Walking on The Contaminated Soil
    The third phase of the larva can hide on the dogs’ skin if it lays or walks on the contaminated soil. It is a causing factor of the hookworm.
  3. Eating Another Animal
    The dogs can get infected by swallowing vertebrate animals containing infective larva on the issues.

Hookworm Symptoms in Dogs 

There will be some clinical symptoms of hookworm on dogs. What are the symptoms?

  1. Unhealthy appearance
  2. A pale mucus
  3. The failure of weight increase
  4. Bad hair coat
  5. Bleeding
  6. No eating

Some larvas can migrate to the lungs of puppies and dogs causing respiratory disease and possibly pneumonia especially puppies. Some dogs can get strong on the infection of hookworm in which it doesn’t show any abnormal signs. However, those can still contaminate the environment by putting eggs from the faces. The larva of the hookworm can migrate to dogs’ skin to cause the disease. Those are some hookworm symptoms in dogs that you should know.

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