Deal with Cat Pukes After Eating

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cat pukes after eating

As a paw parent, cat pukes after eating is probably a common issue to deal with. Whether it is hairball puke or foods, vomit is usually nothing to get concerned about. However, learning about the causes of cat vomiting can help the pet owner to get the right solution when their cat puking.

Causes of Cat Pukes After Eating 

  • Eating habit. A cat that overeats or eating its foods too fast can end with puking.  This is usually common for cats that feed together and compete for the food bowl. You can give your cat a small portion to keep your cat from eating the whole meal in one bite.
  • Allergies. Food allergies are also a common problem. Cat allergies can come from fish, milk, wheat, eggs, and beef.
  • Infection. Bacteria and virus infections can cause cat puking.
  • Parasites. Cat’s internal parasites include whipworms, roundworms, tapeworms, or hookworms can cause excessive cat puke. Parasites diagnosed by your vet.
  • Poisons. When a cat gets poisoned, its body will protect it with puking.
  • Diseases. Certain diseases such as kidney disease, gastritis, diabetes, irritable bowel disease, and even cancer can lead to cat puking.

Types of Cat Vomit 

  • Acute vomit. Acute vomit refers to sudden vomit and it can last 1-2 days. The acute vomit doesn’t have other symptoms followed.
  • Chronic vomit. The chronic refers to ongoing vomit. Chronic vomit refers to vomit that happens more than 1-2 times per day and is accompanied with other symptoms such as weight loss, abdominal pain, and depression.

Cat Pukes After Eating Grass 

Have you ever paid attention to your cat puke? When you notice your cat pukes after eating grass, your cat is doing it on purpose. Eating grass for cats is relieving an upset stomach. Cats do not have enzymes to digest grass and it makes them sick. In throwing up grass, the process also throws up their stomach from fur, bones, parasites, or feathers that can irritate cat digestive. If this condition happens for a longer time, it can cause lasting disease.

Treat Cat Pukes 

Typically, treating cats with puking involves withholding food and water until they stopped to acute vomit. Learn what makes your cat vomit. Chronic puke should meet with a veterinarian to treat. In many cases, cat puke able to be prevented. You can start by changing the cat food with anti- allergies to cat food and remove poisonous plants and store chemicals in your home. When your cat pukes after eating turn to worsen you should contact a veterinarian.

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