How Much Does It Cost to Treat a Dog with Parvo?

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How Much Does It Cost to Treat a Dog with Parvo

Even though you don’t want your canine friend to get into a certain illness, knowing the cost to treat parvo is essential at some point. Vaccines generally help to put a strong defense against various viruses. However, diseases can still mess with your pet.

About parvovirus

Parvovirus or parvo is an illness caused by a virus. This illness is highly infectious and may attack your cat even if he or she had been vaccinated before. Still, vaccines reduce the risk of this condition.

The average cost of parvo treatment

Generally speaking, parvovirus is not too expensive to treat in smaller dogs, even though it may cost thousands of dollars. It ranges between USD 500 and USD 2,000, depending on the existing condition, the hospital, and other external factors. Knowing the cost to treat parvo may give you a clear image of why you don’t want your pet to get contacted with such illnesses.

Symptoms of parvo

Regardless of the cost of parvo test, you need to know the symptoms that may appear on your dog. As mentioned earlier, this disease is highly contagious and extremely fast to spread. This condition is more common in puppies after all.

However, once your pet caught this condition, the virus could kill it within 72 hours without proper treatment. Your dog may also show some signs and symptoms. Once you notice these symptoms, you better make an appointment with the vet immediately.

The signs include severe vomiting, severe diarrhea with blood, loss of appetite, lethargy, intestinal inflammation, hypothermia or fever, dehydration, and bloating. The virus spreads through feces.

Keep in mind that strains of parvovirus in dogs won’t infect cats or humans – they only spread between the same species.

The treatment

Even though this disease can be deadly, parvo is treatable. Parvo treatment at home is possible, but we highly recommend you consult a vet in the first place. The vet will diagnose the condition and take the next action.

Depending on the severity, your pet may receive blood or plasma transfusions. Of course, fluid therapy is needed. Some meds are also injected to treat this condition, which helps to reduce the symptoms.


As mentioned earlier, the virus can still attack your canine fellow even if you’ve vaccinated him. However, being up-to-date with the vaccine significantly reduces the risk factor. Other than that, you can keep your dog away from other animals until he gets fully vaccinated.

The best part is that many pet insurance plans cover the vaccination schedule. And this is the end section of the cost to treat parvo.

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